About me


Hi! Thank you for visiting my website! Let’s get you to know a few things about me:

I’m Mary and I’m a lifestyle photographer specializing in families and pets.

Greece is where I come from and grew up (as the long surname suggests). For the last 5 years I call Hong Kong home.

My major in University was philosophy. I’ve worked in the IT industry for several years, but my passion for photography led me to it in an unexpectedly sweet and natural way just about the right time.

I try to capture those small everyday moments that are filled with feelings; the ingredients for everlasting memories.

Photos of mine have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Italy and Greece, while one of my images is the cover of “Best of Photography 2017” photobook by Photographer’s Forum.

… and if you are as curious for me as I am for you, here are 8 “fun facts” about me:

I learned how to swim when I was 23
I prefer vanilla to choco ice-cream
I love singing but nobody else does as I sound like a siren
I’ve never done yoga – but always cook to relax
I have a weak spot for handbags
I prefer to grow my own herbs rather than buy
I started developing my photographic style after I paid attention to the lyrics of my all-time fav song: “All at once you look across a crowded room to see the way that light attaches to a girl”

That’s just about it!