Give life to memories

Hello, my name is Mary. I’m a lifestyle photographer, based in Hong Kong. My passion lies in helping others to be able to tell their stories. I love to document genuine and raw emotions in my sessions. I always try to create something for you that is distinct, candid and real. Whether it is kissing your baby’s little toes, pinching those rosy cheeks, or playing the tickling game, I believe in cherishing those fine moments that will be gone in a blink of an eye.

Your life’s precious memories should be more than pixels on a screen. I love to capture and help you preserve these moments through custom fine art photography. Every family has a story to tell, let me help you share it with generations to come. I value memories big and small and always try to bring them to life. Being able to see your family’s portrait every time you walk in your hallway, it’ll take you back to a point in time when it was taken. When the kids were still little and running around, when your dog was still a tiny puppy, or when the whole family decided to do a portrait for your parents.

I provide a full service experience. My mission as a photographer is to help you with everything. From picking out that perfect outfit that makes you look gorgeous, to printing and delivering your favorite photographs in a form of a heirloom product.

As a photographer, I always strive to give every client a unique, tailor-made experience. One they will remember as great fun and they will be looking forward to repeat every time there’s an upcoming milestone for their family. My reward? To see your babies growing up and becoming amazing persons. One smile at a time.


Mary Dimitropoulou

IPOTY 2016 Honorable mention
certificate - CAGO judges' choice

Give life to your most valuable memories

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